Saturday, 18 August 2007

Vocabulary List!

Dear people,
I've browsed through three books to create a list of activities we can do with vocabulary. It is really helpful to have a list in which we can see and think of different activities so our students don't get bored and they practice different ways of learning the same vocabulary.
Here it goes:
  • guess the words from context
  • place words according to sounds
  • look at the pictures and then complete the song
  • divide the words in groups (lexical groups)
  • word building
  • crosswords
  • matching pictures with wordsç
  • matching pictures to their definitions
  • word maps
  • collocations
  • opposites
  • describe a picture with words given
  • acronyms
  • find words in the text
  • circle the correct word
  • odd one out
  • highlighting some words
  • find the differences between lexemes, e.g. get engaged vs. get married
  • translate
  • using a dictionary
  • put the phrases in chronological order
  • listen and repeat
  • complete with the word from the box
  • guess the meaning and then check in the dictionary
  • find synonyms for the phrasal verbs
  • put words in categories
  • each noun in bold is wrong. Write the correct word or phrase.
  • read the words from their phonetic representation and then complete the sentences with those words.

If you have any other to add, please you are welcome to do so. Let's enlarge our lists of activities to have more variety so we can reach to all our students. Kisses,


P.S. When I come back home I will include the bibliography, I promise.


Gladys Baya said...

Grat compilation, Lore! Once again, it's encouraged me to start another collaborative compilation at our class wikiHope others join us soon!


Loreley said...

Thanx Gladys. I will try to include links but I need more time because I am burning my eyes reading by this time of the year.
See you soon,