Monday, 30 April 2007

Nerves of steel

I feel really confident about observing lessons because I think I can learn a lot.
My ideas about observation have changed in the sense that now I know I don't have to be so critical. And that is why I think I won't have any problems as regards observing lessons. As I said before, I feel very confident about it.
Personally, I think I can learn a lot from my observations. For example, I can learn how to handle students; new activities and games; and improve in every aspect possible.

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Observing a lesson... what a topic!

What do you think you should say when first going to observe a lesson? From my humble point of view, I've suggested some things we could say before observing a lesson so the teacher we are observing and we get along with each other.


  • Who I am
  • When I want to visit
  • What is that I’m going to pay attention to during the observation
  • How I’m going to behave during her lesson (‘I won’t be an intruder)
  • I can show her the task I’m going to do


  • Identify myself to the T
  • Clarify date, timetable conflicts
  • So that the T doesn’t feel threaten by my observation.
  • The T can pretend I’m not there and behave the way she always does
  • The T knows exactly what I will be concentrating on

And you, what would you add or change?

Eager to know your answers.


My first observation... this year

By sitting in on this lesson I learnt that there are different ways to deal with writing because I used to think there were no GOOD ways to face writings but I have been awaken. As a consequence, I feel encouraged to look into the way I teach it and try to make it as nice as possible.
As usual, I didn't leave with questions in mind because I tend to see what I have to observe and that's it. Generally I don't have questions because I like asking them to the teacher so I don't have them lingering in my head.
I don't know if you are acquainted with microscopic and and telescopic observations but to me, the microscopic observations are easier because I like to write everything down. I can't just concentrate in one thing in particular. I need to see the whole of it and report on the whole. Anyway, this year we started using telescopic observations also so I have to come to terms with them and try to get the hang of them.
Let's see what you think of my report and the way I observe classes. You may want to add some comments and you are welcomed to do so.
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