Sunday, 9 September 2007


Hi everyone. I gave a presentation on TBL in 3 days. Yes, believe it or not, it took me 3 days. I think that all in all the presentation must have taken me 40 minutes to deliver but it was supposed to be given in 30'.
This shows me and everyone that I cannot, yet, manage effectively the time. I know I have to improve on this because it is essential for my teaching career. If not, I will end up teaching half the plannings I set out to carry out.
So, when thinking about a question Gladys left in the wiki that says: How effective was your timing? I can definitely say that it was not effective but this mental thinking helps me to come to terms with myself and try to improve on this aspect.
Now that I've opened up it's your turn to do so. You can say anything you want and if you have any ideas to help me fulfil my goal please tell me.
Hear from you soon,


Gladys Baya said...

I find the way you see yourself so terribly demanding, Lore! ;-)I'd say this experience does not show anything but that we can always enhance our teaching.
And, as the feedback at our our class wiki shows, this is far from being something you "have to improve on ... essential for your teaching career". You are a great teacher indeed, and I believe you'll be doing your students a disservice if you insist on looking down upon your work.

To me, the main question is: why did your planning timing not work? Were the decisions taken during the lesson for the benefit of your learners? If you were to teach the lesson again, would you adapt your original plan, or stick to it during implementation?

This is a tough skill to develop in our culture (you know how unpunctual most Argentinians tend to be, for instance). And sticking to plans is not our forte either!

Let me finish by saying I've been working on this aspect of my teaching for years, with still limited results (sigh!) Learning about protocols has helped me make some progress recently... During my practice lessons (just before graduation) I was once required to write a report accounting for why I'd not covered the whole of my plan... I quite "hated" the extra task, but learnt two things from that experience: to be aware of the many things involved in teaching a lesson (apart from assigning tasks and checking them!), and not to be so ambitious!

Phew, girl! That was a looong comment indeed!

Keep shining!

Loreley said...

Gladys, I know I am demanding but it is only because I know I can improve and enhance my teaching. There is always something to do to be better at everything we do.
As regards your questions, let me tell you that giving the lesson in parts has proved to be very difficult! I think I planned the lesson to last 40 minutes (at least) and not only 30. If I were to give teach the lesson again, I would change some activities so they lastes less than originally did.
I will follow your advice and read carefully about protocols.
Thank you for your pieces of advise. I will bear them in mind.
See you,

Gladys Baya said...

Thank you for responding so positively to feedback, "Loreley"! As for being self-demanding, I believe it's great to be ambitious, provided you are also aware of your achievements! :-P
We'll be in touch,