Thursday, 29 November 2007

Empowering learners

Dear Lorena,
Now we've got to the end of our "official" time together, I'd like to give you a small "souvenir"... Hope you like it!

One day in Hawaii a ferocious storm washed hundreds of starfish ashore. A woman, on her morning walk, bent down every few steps to throw a starfish back into the sea. A man saw her and commented, "There are so many of the poor things it can't make any real difference for you to throw these few back." With a knowing smile, she tossed another starfish into the water and turning to the man said, "It made a difference to this one."
Sue Patton Thoele , Making a Difference
(as cited by Tessa Walter (2007)
in Teaching English Language Learners - The How-To Handbook; Longman)

I know you will make a great difference in many students' life... Enjoy having this privilege!

All the best,
Gladys- your Methods teacher

PS:Thanks for having shared this blog with me and your classmates during this school year. It's been really enriching for me!


loreley said...

Gladys, thank you very much for your gift. When you asked me if I had seen it, I thought you were referring to a comment you had left on one of the entries. But the other day I entered and I found a beautiful starfish with an amazing story. Thank you very much for leading my way and I hope to be at least as half as good as you are. I know that we students complain sometimes for the load of work that you demand, but it is the only way to learn and improve on our teaching that is the core of our job. Again, thank you very much for helping me and my classmates and pushing us a little bit further to try to be the best we can.
See you on Friday,

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I've really, realy enjoyed reading this small story! It's beautifully written and full with tenderness!

It made my day!

Thanks so much!


Loreley said...

Thank you Pat for reading the post. Gladys, my teacher, gave me this gift. It's wonderful and also made my day when I read it.
See you around,

Buthaina Alothman said...

Hi Lorena!

The EVO 2008 Web 2.0 for ESP team is so proud of you and your work and so glad to have you in the session.

Thanks for sharing your individual blog with us. Your teacher, Gladys is a dear Webhead colleague, know for her excellent work on blogs and blogging. I personally learned a lot from her just by watching the way she motivates learners.

Good Luck & Happy Birthday :)

PS. In case you needed to avoid anonymous comments, simply turn on or enable the feature that prompts people to enter their identities when posting comments.

Loreley said...

Thank you Buth for your compliments and your remembering my birthday. You made my day!
There I was, thinking I was just a "virtual" bad student and you set me right.
You are right about Gladys, she is an excellent teacher. I was glad I had her leading our way in Methods and Technology. And I'm glad we have such a good team leading our way (me and my webmates) into new tech. Thank you again, "see" you soon

Anonymous said...

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Loreley said...

Thanks for your comment! It's been a while since I updated my content, but I'll try real soon.