Wednesday, 23 January 2008

How summer's going

Hi everybody,
It's been a long time since my last post and I think my blog deserves to have a new post.
It's summer holidays and I'm studying... as usual! But I'm also doing other things...
I'm preparing for my final exam on History, painting (in my free time, which is not much), playing with Agus and, as I couldn't be just enjoying holidays, I've enrolled in 3 EVO Sessions for this summer. I'm attending Video Session, Web 2.0 for ESP and Becoming a Webhead. You can't imagine the load of work I have... but I love it!
As it couldn't be any other way, my hubby Tincho is in Antarctica, Flor (my "little" sister) was operated on her appendix, my father has a pain in the chest and we are supposed to be leaving for Cordoba on Saturday :)
But things happen to be brightening up. My sister was released from hospital today and my father has to go again tomorrow but doctors told him he's OK.
I must be forgetting something really important, but I have to go to play with Agus a little bit.
See you soon,


Anonymous said...

Hi Lore,
I'm Silvia, from Rosario, Argentina, a participant of BaW08 and I'd like to wish you a happy birthday today!
Thank you for inviting me to join
Have a nice time.

aim said...

many thanks for your comment, lore ...

Jen said...

Lore, hello from your EVO group! I enjoyed scrolling back through you blog this evening here in snowy Finland. When I saw your blog post title, my first thought was that I was in your archives - I forgot that it was summer where you are! I like that you have included a bibliography for many of your posts!

Loreley said...

Thank you Silvia, Aim and Jen for your comments. They mean a lot to me!
Jen, this of having different seasons is confusing. That happened to me too when I was chatting with Natalia from Russia. I thought she was in summer, and later on the penny dropped and I realized we were in different parts of the planet. That is the good thing about internet, we come so close virtually that we think we are nearer than we really are.
See you all soon,

Patricia said...

The one to blame for me being here!

As great as usual, I'm not surprised with your blog as I know how good you are in this computers thing.

What do you mean you're becoming a webhead? You were born a webhead darling, be sure of that!

Waiting for your new posts

La Pato

BEBlog said...

Thank you for sharing your blog and for reminding us of summer - it's so nice on a grey winter day...
Have a nice weekend,
Jurate from Lithuania

Patricia said...

Remember I told you I have an aunt who paints? Well, I've posted a video with a presentation of her paintings in my blog, you may enjoy it, so you're invited to see it.
La Pato

Gladys Baya said...

Hi Lore!

I was back here looking for some reference, and was so happy to see you've kept blogging!!! I know Tincho does the same! ;-)

Hope your father's OK, and Agus keeps growing so brilliant as her mummy!!!